About Eyes of Wonderment

Little stories about art, and the art of looking at art.

I”m writing this blog because I went to a very academic conference on Eighteenth Century Paintings at a highly-regarded university – and it was dull. And that’s just wrong. Art should never be made dull. Making art can feel magical and essential.  Looking at good art can fill your eyes with wonderment. I need to remind myself just how alive it all is.

I am fully qualified with a BA(Hons) in Advanced Drawing and Colouring-In, from the much-missed Psalter Lane campus in Sheffield, and an MA in Scratching, Inking and Stamping from Chelsea School of Art.  I have had a glorious career at university (as a dinner lady) and successful tenure at the V&A (gift shop assistant) and a brief sojourn at the National Theatre (barmaid). In between I have had couple of exhibitions, sold some art, had some stints of poverty, taught old-skool life drawing skilz, to finally end up in some wonderful jobs in the museum biz. Now I look after collections, and talk about art and history, which keeps me very busy – there’s a lot of it about-  so posts will happen when they happen.

So here are my personal, non-academic art thoughts. There may be crayons, a falcon,  there may be ridiculous sums of money changing hands, and Super Mario,  and Che Guevara in a Birkenhead lift. But there will be no footnotes, bibliographies, or references for further reading, but perhaps some for further looking or feeling.

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