The day and night job

I try not to think about work all the time, but I’ve given in and decided to write about it because often there is nothing else in my head. Luckily for me, my job is pretty special –it’s to give all sorts of nice people eyes of wonderment. I’m a House and Collections Manager at a National Trust country pile in West Yorkshire, called Nostell Priory. It’s a day and night job because I live here too, and just like the servants that passed before me, I have an obligation to answer whenever the bell rings. But in return for that I get to wake up to birdsong and fall asleep to a chorus of owls, I get eye-fulls of masterpieces everyday, and meet, work with and welcome lots of interesting, clever, curious and passionate people.

The ‘It’s just me’ caveat

I must do the expected thing here and make the statement that all my posts will be personal and my views only, and not the voice of the National Trust or its views. That said, here is at least one view that is both mine and the National Trust’s and therefore yours too, should you swing by to check out our crib.Nostell_mansion08_2014_002[1]taken by rpjeffers from the bottom of the estate.

Monks and Rock Stars caveat

Nostell is not the kind of priory with a) monks or b) rock stars detoxing as a prerequisite to earnest ‘my drug hell’ confessional interview TV appearances. It takes its name from the religious site that used to be here, which sometimes happened, just like that other place: Downton Abbey. It’s true that when some folk saunter up to our door they are sometimes a little crest-fallen to find us sans monks, but we have had some eventful music festivals, and we did once have a visit from rock band Paradise Lost. They came for a photo shoot – whoever planned it had clearly expected moody, ivy-festooned ruins (‘you had one job…’). We had fun anyway, and we got to see a massive python having a doze in our gorgeous historic library. If you want to indulge your inner goth, there is still something here for you – but think more of the 18th century bits in Interview with a Vampire. We’ve got some gorgeous rooms and they are not film sets- they are the real deal.

Some other stuff

If you phone us, we wont mind if you call us Nostril Priory, it makes us smile. We will however quietly shudder (or smirk ) if you frenchify us to Nost-elle. We’ll have none of that sort of thing Up North – it’s pronounced Nost-ull round here.

Here’s all the Nostell Priory stuff on the official website and all that:

I’d like to find out more about the music festivals at Nostell: very slim chance you are reading this + you were there = get in touch

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