Car Boot Christie’s Lot no.1

The Birth of Venus

By Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, called Sandro Botticelli

Auction valuation: £ Squillions.
Car Boot:  £4   o.n.o. (inc frame.)

Botticelli’s work is rare and exceedingly beautiful, and mostly in national museums. Museums don’t sell their art. So it’s hard to value this painting as similar works are so rarely offered for sale, making it difficult to find a comparitive price. Paintings from his studio (staff) crop up, but not ones by the man himself. Even so the most recent big sale of a Botticelli was a ‘Madonna and Child’, at Christies in 2006, the painting went for a mere £3,816,000 , and no-one was still dead sure the painting was actually by him.

But at the car boot, you can be sure you get what you pay for.  This little treasure , peers modestly from behind the wafting tablecloth, glad she is at least not in the 50p box.

The real thing, painted in 1486,  is in the Uffizi museum. It’s smashing- and MASSIVE – just shy of 7ft x 9ft, thats 63 sq. ft (4.8 sq.metres)  of  wonderment-inducing masterpeice, so they definitely got their money’s worth.

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